Where I’ve Been, What I Did

The Waiting

The other day I was thinking about how my life really isn’t all that interesting. There are some bloggers who have 17 kids and appear to be doing something 1000% of the time and therefore center their blogs around their daily activities with very little analysis. I love these blogs because they are like soap operas and are chock full of adventure, but I could never write one like that because here’s my life:

Make coffee. Go to Food Loin. Wait for my kid to get sick so I have something to talk about. Talk about things I actually know very little about in the meantime. The end. 

I’m real good at planting myself on the sofa and embellishing my days enough to sorta kinda make interesting words about them. My life is not the bells and whistles you’ll find elsewhere, and quite frankly that’s fine because when real life…

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Different? vs Different!

Red Fish and Blue Fish

I have always had a soft heart for animals. Growing up, I considered it a top priority to save all the animals in the world. I still am a big fan of The Nature Conservatory and other such organizations that protect our wildlife and their habitats. I used to give money every year to numerous organizations toward this end. (Sadly, when I read in Revelations that all the sea creatures were doomed, I moved all of my save the animal funds away from dolphins and stockpiled it into wolves. I love wolves. Before it was more of a 50:50.)

Now that I don’t live with my parents and have bills, my funds get allocated completely away from wolves.

But the point is, ecological diversity is something that is easy for me to connect with, appreciate, and understand the need of.

I have been painting more lately. Scenes that represent my…

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Keep It Simple

Tired Of Dating

[I actually wrote this one week ago…]
In a relationship there are things that work for some that don’t for others. I think you should never try to turn something into something it isn’t. Drop what isn’t going to work, fix what can be improved, and just do what does work. If you’re dating someone wrong for you but the sex is great, stop dating and keep the sex. If you’re having an argument with your significant other about something insignificant, compromise. Too much of the time we’re living lives in which we try to make them into something they aren’t. We focus on details that throw us off track in the bigger picture. Sometimes our emotions screw with us and toss us in undesirable directions, but for all of the times in which we have control over, we should experience things for what they are, and keep them in…

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